Warranty and Processing Conditions

Warranty period starts as of the date of purchase. Do not lose your invoice or  ticket, these documents indicate the date of purchase of the product and are your proof. All our products include an European warranty of 2 years with the option of increasing it to 5 years at an additional cost that you can view on the page of each product. Coverage of the warranty of batteries and chargers is of 1 year because these are products that wear down.

In order to obtain the warranty service:

Access your client account "MY ACCOUNT" and go to the section called "TECHNICAL SERVICES‚ÄĚ and access with the user code and password of the shop. Prior to continuing, keep the product and the following documents close at hand:

1 ‚Äď Serial number of the product which you can find on the product or its packaging.
2 ‚Äď Proof of purchase (ticket or invoice).

Next, follow the steps you will find in the WARRANTY page. NavionTruck will collect and deliver the product to your home at no charge to you, take into account that if the problem is caused by misuse of the product, all expenses will be at your cost, equally, if the product has a problem that is not covered by the guarantee, you will be notified and will receive a totally free estímate so you can decide whether you wish to repair the product or not. If you do not want to repair the product, it will be sent back to you at your cost entirely.

Before you process sending the product to be repaired:

Make a security copy of all the data and eliminate all your confidential information which may be stored in the product. NavionTruck is not liable for damages or losses of any software, firmware or data the client may have stored in the product.

If the product enables using access passwords such as a tablet, telephone, etc., disable these passwords.

Next, wrap the product securely with bubblewrap or some cushioned material and put it into a box so the product is protected during transportation. You are the sole responsible for any damage that may happen to the product due to inadecuate packaging and you undertake any expenses due to repair of the product caused by a possible accident in transport due to inadequate packaging.

If the packaging is suitable and the product is received with damages due to transportation accidents or the item is lost for any reason, you will be covered by insurance. The insurance pays the price of the product minus VAT.

Warranty exclusions:

NavionTruck will not be liable under the terms of this guarantee if, after having received the product for its repair, and testing reveals that the defect or breakdown does not exist or was caused by misuse, negligence, inadequate maintenance, unathorised attempts to open, repair or modify the product, inadequate installation, use of any software additionally added by the client, virus, any other cause beyond foreseen use, accident, fire, lightning, electricity shut-down, loss of power or other similar factors.

The warranty will also be invalid in the following cases:

1 ‚Äď If the product has been manipulated or repaired by unathorised personnel.
2 ‚Äď The serial number of the product has been altered or removed.
3 ‚Äď The warranty seal has been broken or manipulated.
4 ‚Äď The warranty period has expired.